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U.S.-Cuba Trade Association

Founded in the 1990s by Kirby Jones, the US-Cuba Trade association worked on behalf of U.S. business to protect the existing trade between the U.S. and Cuba and tried to expand and increase the potential for future business trade between the two countries. When that task became impractical in the years starting in 2002, the USCTA was essentially “put to sleep” for a while. Now it is in the process of being regenerated and reconstituted.

The USCTA will provide the U.S. business community with reliable and accurate information on all issues surrounding trade and business between the United States and Cuba; promotes the full normalization of commercial relations between the United States and Cuba; and helps U.S. companies understand and know how to undertake business in Cuba.

While it was most active, the USCTA worked with some of the most influential and important business organizations to promote trade with Cuba. These have included major agricultural companies and associations on issues regarding the sale of agricultural products to Cuba; the major travel sector associations in efforts to lift all restrictions for all Americans to travel to Cuba; and other groups which work for full normalization of trade with Cuba. And it expects to do the same shortly.

In view of the surprising policy announcements by President Obama and president Castro on December 17, 2014, the website is being updated to provide the business community with a wide breadth and depth of useful and current information and activities.

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